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Identity Theft and Real Estate

Obtaining home mortgage these days has gotten a little more involved but is still relatively easy to obtain if your income is in line with your debts and the house you want to buy is in a price range that … Read more >

How Bad Is The Housing Crisis?

The media has made much to-do about the housing crisis but is it really a crisis at all?  Yes real estate sales have been down slightly in the Rochester area for about the past 18 months but that is coming … Read more >

Quick Tour of the All-New

My theory throughout my career has been if you can freely offer people solid and helpful advice you’ll stand apart from crowd.

When the internet started to be used by the masses, I saw it as the perfect venue to … Read more >

Understanding the “Foreclosure Crisis”

For several years low interest rates and low down-payment percentages enabled home buyers to get into increasingly larger and more expensive homes. As home prices rose, home sellers took advantage of the “equity” in their existing homes to move up … Read more >

Timing the Market: To Sell or Not to Sell in a Down Market

Every book I have read on trying to time the stock market says don’t. Most financial advisors recommend getting in and staying in with the proper asset allocation for your particular risk tolerance. When the market is up you’re in … Read more >

Your Home Inspection Report Useful After the Sale Too!

When you bought your home, chances are pretty good that you paid a professional home inspector to check it out before you bought it. It may have been especially useful at the time in your decision regarding the home’s value. … Read more >

Why Your First Offer is Usually Your Best Offer

There’s an old real estate rule of thumb that the first offer you receive is usually the best one. I’ve run into this with several listings where the seller received an offer early on, made a stiff counteroffer back to … Read more >

Why Real Estate Listings Expire – Part 4 of 4

In a competitive market with fewer buyers, more homes for sale and longer market times, you want to do everything you can to be sure your home doesn’t linger on the market. Listings which expire without selling and often without … Read more >

Why Real Estate Listings Expire – Part 3 of 4

The real estate market is far different than it was several years ago. Now, homes may linger on the market for months or years without a sale or even an offer. Nevertheless, some properties do sell quickly. Understanding why some … Read more >

Set Your Home Apart — Listing vs. Marketing

When you list your home for sale, the objective is to get the most money in your pocket as possible. It seems intuitive that you would get the most money by paying the least money to get it sold. Reality, … Read more >