Real Estate Articles

Get a Fresh Outlook with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Fall is approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about doing those projects around the house that have taken back seat to summer plans.  Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments, and it is well worth the … Read more >

Getting Your Home Sold in a Tougher Economy

With interest rates at a 50+ year low and high levels of housing inventory for sale, it certainly should be a buyer’s market.  Rising unemployment rates and increasingly tighter requirements to get financing are keeping the buyer pool in check, … Read more >

Timing the Market: To Sell or Not to Sell in a Down Market

Every book I have read on trying to time the stock market says don’t. Most financial advisors recommend getting in and staying in with the proper asset allocation for your particular risk tolerance. When the market is up you’re in … Read more >

The Value of Having Someone in Your Corner: Why You Want a Buyer’s Agent

Some buyers balk at working with a buyer’s agent because they are concerned it will cost them money. This is understandable since it is customary to sign an agreement with the buyer’s agent defining their compensation as a percentage of … Read more >

Paying for a Pre-inspection Can Save You Money

For years now, we’ve been recommending that home sellers pay for a professional home inspection when they list their home for sale so that both parties know the home’s strengths and weaknesses before an offer is ever made.  Savvy home … Read more >

How Not to Sell Your Neighbor’s Home

Sellers typically focus on what list price will sell their home quickly and for top dollar.  But when your home isn’t the only one in the neighborhood for sale, your asking price can actually result in selling your neighbor’s home … Read more >

The First Offer is Usually the Best — Why Initial Pricing is Critical

There’s an old real estate adage that the first offer you receive is usually the best one, and my experience in 20+ years as a Realtor supports this.  I’ve encountered several listings where the seller received an offer early on, … Read more >

Rochester Area Market Conditions – February 2010

It’s February so it’s not too soon for crocuses and “for sale” signs to start popping up in front yards all over town.  New listings were on the upswing in the first month of the year, heralding the beginning of … Read more >

Foreclosure Sales – Worth the Extra Effort

In the current economic climate, foreclosure sales are increasingly common.  Frequently these properties are appealing because they are priced to sell, often well below market value.  However, there are several obstacles and pitfalls that a buyer can expect to encounter.Read more >

Tax Credit Available for First Time Home Buyers

Amid the economic upheaval, there is good news for first-time home buyers – a tax credit of up to $7,500.  Even better – the definition of first-time home buyers includes those who have not owned a principal residence in the Read more >