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Why Real Estate Listings Expire – Part 2 of 4

In a buyer’s market, it’s critical that home sellers do everything they can to position their property so it will stand out from the competition. The four main reasons a property doesn’t sell are condition, staging, pricing, and marketing. Part … Read more >

Why Real Estate Listings Expire – Part 1 of 4

When you are selling your home, it is incredibly frustrating to have days, weeks, and even months go by without a sale. Worst-case — the listing expires without a sale. With increasing average market time to sale, the number of … Read more >

The Value of Having Someone in Your Corner: Why You Want a Buyer’s Agent

Some buyers balk at working with a buyer’s agent because they are concerned it will cost them money. This is understandable since it is customary to sign an agreement with the buyer’s agent defining their compensation as a percentage of … Read more >

Paying for a Pre-Inspection Can Save You Money

For years now, we’ve been recommending that home sellers pay for a professional home inspection when they list their home for sale so that both parties know the home’s strengths and weaknesses before an offer is ever made. With current … Read more >

Home Selling Strategies for a Normalizing Market

After a solid five year run of record home sales, the market is readjusting itself to a more normal level. Most of those who wanted to move have moved. Interest rates are rising again, lowering the upper end ceiling for … Read more >

Make The First Impression a Great One

First impressions are critical. Just like the view from the curb may prevent a buyer from getting out of the car, the view inside the house determines whether they make an offer. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves … Read more >