Quick Tour of the All-New ShawnBuryska.com

My theory throughout my career has been if you can freely offer people solid and helpful advice you’ll stand apart from crowd.

When the internet started to be used by the masses, I saw it as the perfect venue to offer buyers and sellers a resource where they could get their various real estate questions answered. I wanted to make sure my website was a comprehensive compilation of information for both buyers and sellers. I’m happy to announce the latest version of ShawnBuryska.com. There’s a new look, but more importantly, there’s even more information for buyers and sellers then ever before! Here’s a quick tour.

Search Area Homes For Sale has an all new interface and a much more powerful database engine allowing home buyers to highly customize, save and view their searches. There’s an all new auto-notification feature of new listings as well, plus the ability to save your favorites and track any status or price changes.

My Listings For Sale has been revised to allow search engines such as Google to more easily pick up those pages, making those listings easier to find and more visible on the web. The buyers have an easier time finding what they are looking for and my sellers have additional exposure on their homes.

Current Interest Rates is a new feature and updated daily with the latest interest rates from Burnet Home Loans.

Real Estate Calculators has been updated so now you can calculate your Olmsted County real estate taxes based on the county’s assessed value. You can also see how much mortgage lenders are willing to lend you based on your income and debt. How fast can you pay your house off by making extra payments? That’s in there as well!

The Buying/Selling a Home sections have been rewritten to better assist and help buyers and sellers understand the process of buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Articles is an archive of my past articles that have been featured in my newsletters and posted nationally on sites such as Realty Times. How did I do in the words for my most recent clients?

See the all new Testimonials section for unedited comments from my buyers and sellers.

For those who are interested in trends and local real estate statistics the Real Estate Statistics section will answer all your questions and more!

Check out the new site and tell a friend. I hope you will find it informative and helpful.

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