Name: Ramesh Ganesh

How would you rate the service I provided?
Deb, the title services you provided on the 27th April, 2018 was the best I have received so far. Prior information to the closing date was very helpful to us, since we were purchasing our 1st house in this state.

On the closing day, you were well prepared and on time. Your professionalism was exceptional. You explained the process throughout with particular emphasis on the implications to the buyer. Questions asked were answered to our satisfaction. The process was smooth and in some ways, educational to me.

I do not think that another person could have done the same job with the professionalism and knowledge you exhibited.

What could I do differently to make the process go more smoothly?

Would you recommend my services to your family or friends?
Yes, of course.

Could you write in your own words how you felt about the way I handled your transaction?
I was very satisfied with your performance, and should I purchase a piece of real estate in the future, I will surely use your services.

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