Name: Carol Nurmi

How would you rate the service I provided?
From my first contact with you in February to the sale of my old home and the purchase of my new home I was confident in your knowledge of the real estate market. I have always been nervous about money and making large decisions. It was so wonderful having you and your team  behind every step of this move.

Thank you Shawn
Thank you Shelly
Thank you Deb
Thank you Jamie.

What could I do differently to make the process go more smoothly?
It was a perfectly smooth process.

Would you recommend my services to your family or friends?
Yes. 100%

Could you write in your own words how you felt about the way I handled your transaction?
I received multiple offers on my old house because you priced it correctly based on your knowledge of this market. I am in a perfect home now because of the new listings app and Shelly’s showing this home to me in timely manner and helping with my offer.

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