Name: Randy and Linda Fuhrman

How would you rate the service I provided?
Excellent service. Shawn and his team went above and beyond my expectations for service.
Shawn personally addressed concerns that came up in a timely manner and kept us informed of the sale progress. He communicated all the needed information to help us understand how the process worked.

What could I do differently to make the process go more smoothly?
The sale of this home was probably not typical as it involved an accepted offer which was later withdrawn, but in the process it caused some miscommunication, especially notes from the title company “congratulating” us on the sale which didn’t happen. Perhaps a note from Shawn stating that the title company was already engaged…so ignore any notes from them until the next offer gets accepted.

Would you recommend my services to your family or friends?
Yes, I will recommend to those that I come in contact with.

Could you write in your own words how you felt about the way I handled your transaction?
I am perfectly satisfied with the professionalism you displayed. You did an excellent job addressing all our questions and concerns.

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