Name: Roxy Rhone

How would you rate the service I provided?
I’d rate the service very highly. Communication was always prompt and clear.

What could I do differently to make the process go more smoothly?
I think everything went as smoothly as it could have given the circumstances we had in our sale. Also, the realtor that ended up selling our home to his clients did leave the house unlocked after their showing. the bottom of the lock box with the key had been left on the doorstep next to the door, We were right around the corner, and the house was safe, but we did feel that this was something you needed to know about.

Would you recommend my services to your family or friends?

Could you write in your own words how you felt about the way I handled your transaction?
You were very professional throughout the entire process. Ready to help with any requests or questions and communicated promptly any issues that arose.

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