Aaron Richard

Name: Aaron Richard

How would you rate the service I provided?

I have done a total of 4 buy/sell transactions in my life.  The last 2 have been with you.  My first two I refused to give a rating because I wasn’t satisfied and don’t like giving poor ratings.  They were both nice people, they just  didn’t have the expertise and professionalism that I expected for someone making that kind of money.  I have a very high standard being a business owner/manager myself.  Because of my prior experiences I bought the online real estate  courses and have learned everything I could preparing myself for the next transaction.  That being said, my last two transactions with you have both lived up to or exceeded my expectations.  I would give you a 10! Thank you!


What could I do differently to make the process go more smoothly?

I can’t think of anything that you could have done differently.  You answered every question prompt and professionally.  You showed up on time.  You helped me get the best deal possible.  And, you and your team we’re always courteous, prepared, and one step ahead to make everything go smoothly.


Would you recommend my services to your family or friends?

Yes, and I have.


Could you write in your own words how you felt about the way I handled your transaction?

Everything went smooth.  It is calming knowing that you are respected and looked up to by your peers and that your knowledge and expertise are at the very top of your profession.

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