Fahy and Shirley Lowrie

We didn’t know what to expect so much talk about the housing market.  You and your staff did a great job with kindness, courtesy and SPEED.  Thank you so much.  We certainly will recommend you to our friends.… Read more >

Curt and Julie Walter

The marketing of our home was excellent even during a down market.  A schedule was presented to us at listing and was exceeded.  We were given straight answers and emailed of showings and comments.  Time was taken to listen to … Read more >

Brent and Kristi Moos

The transaction was professional yet down to earth and approachable.  We were very pleased with the service Shawn and his team have provided throughout the entire process!

Thanks… Read more >

Amber and Lee Jacobson

“We really appreciated Shawn’s honesty and realistic pricing suggestions for the sale of our home.  The website pictures were very professional and we had many compliments on them thanks to Shawn’s team.  We did not expect to sell our home … Read more >

Paul and Mary Van Leeuwen

“We appreciated your advice on pricing of our home and the team approach that your office uses was so helpful!  We could not have asked for better results!”… Read more >

Jim Maronde

“You did an excellent job.  You maintained the property by cleaning and keeping it’s appearance desirable.  You did this without any knowledge of mine and it was greatly appreciated.”… Read more >

Gary and Bev Lundeen

“We were very satisfied.  Thank you again to you and your fine staff.”… Read more >

How the trade program got our house sold….

We were in the position where we had to sell our house during a really down market. The home trade program enabled us to sell it faster which ultimately allowed us to move on in our life faster. We were … Read more >

Tom and Nancy Wengenack

“Your team was great. Deb Elias was awesome.  Abbe in closing was very helpful. Marketing was as promised.  We took a bit of a beating on the sale price of the house but that was largely due to current market … Read more >

Paul and Heather Briggs

Selling a house can be tough. It is especially difficult in a market like the one we are facing now. My husband, Paul and I set out to sell our house last summer and move into our dream home. Unfortunately, … Read more >