Clint and Julene Hartman

Before meeting with you, my husband and I did everything we could think of to make our home marketable.  We removed items: i.e. furniture, artwork (especially personal items) from our walls, closets, kitchen and garage.  We repainted (neutralized all exotic … Read more >

Nadeen Keach

* Comprehensive and thorough

* Knowledgeable and available when needed (even on weekends)

* Focus on Customer service within your entire team.  I never had the feeling that I was competing w/other clients for anyone’s time

* Prompt; responsive-I liked … Read more >

Royce and Karen Reed

We liked the monthly letters about how our place compared to others and the showings we had.  We weren’t too happy with how much we had to lower our price before it sold though.… Read more >

Mary and Tim Leahy

“Our only disappointment stems from the awful market and low prices-you don’t control either of these.  Maybe there should be more brainstorming as to ways to encourage offers-ie:  gas cards, scooters, etc-the stuff you see in the cities in a … Read more >

Steve Wernecke

The sale of my property by Shawn’s team was flawless.  Each team member performed their role to perfection.  All questions and phone calls were handled promptly.  I was informed of what was going on during the entire transaction.  I couldn’t … Read more >

Bryan and Heidi Anderson

How would you rate the service you recieved?  We placed our house on the market and within nine days both sold our house and bought a new one. Can’t beat that.  Plus, the team, including Annie and Deb, were so … Read more >

Matt and Chantel Remick-Rochester Athletic Club

I thought the entire team was fantastic to deal with.  I think we received 5 star service.  I thought everyone was extremely professional, competent and most important – followed through on what you said you would do.  I thought that … Read more >

Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright and Jim Fulbright

Really enjoyed initial meeting and your staff were extremely friendly.  We were also very pleased with your involvement when an offer (of 2) were made on the house-it was a very enjoyable experience.  You helped us price the house correctly … Read more >

Sabine von Bassen-Borries

Since we are international clients the whole procedure has been pretty much new and different to what we knew.  No matter how many questions we asked and no matter how long it took to understand we felt always very much … Read more >

Corrisa and Aaron Miliander

You provided the service we asked for; our house sold in a short time.  I understand we entered the market in a difficult time.  Your office probably had more listings than it could ’sanely’ serve.  I didn’t feel that the … Read more >