Clint and Julene Hartman

Before meeting with you, my husband and I did everything we could think of to make our home marketable.  We removed items: i.e. furniture, artwork (especially personal items) from our walls, closets, kitchen and garage.  We repainted (neutralized all exotic colors) to neutral, in all rooms, baths, closets even the garage.  We called Shawn because most of the homes with SOLD signs were by Shawn Buryska.  When we met with Shawn we were ready for some guidence.  Shawn was prepared, organized and confident.  He gave us great ideas and advice.  He thoroughly explained the process of selling a home and patiently listened and answered our many questions.  Within 5 days of meeting with Shawn, HE HAD SOLD OUR HOME!  We also want to mention your team and how they worked together.  Very personal and professional, they led us in the ending parts of our sale.  How refreshing it felt to have a entire team behind us.  We can not thank you enogh for putting together such an extraordinary team and for all the hard work you do, espicially behind the scenes.  Shawn and team, this was the 1st home we sold and you made every part of the process feel effortless.  Thank you!

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