How the trade program got our house sold….

We were in the position where we had to sell our house during a really down market. The home trade program enabled us to sell it faster which ultimately allowed us to move on in our life faster. We were a part of a reverse trade where we had to buy the buyer’s house in order to sell ours. Although its not ideal to have to buy a house to sell a house, it was appealing because their house was in a more marketable price range. We thought it was a really creative idea, and we’d much rather work with a creative, out-of-the-box thinker than any other realtor. We only had to own their house for about a month before Shawn was able to sell it. We knew he’d do everything he could to move it quickly, and he did. The closing of both houses was very smooth. Although we lost money on our house, everyone does in a down market like we’re in, and it was no fault of Shawn’s. Shawn was very professional and realistic about the market. The trade program minimized our loss by helping to move our house off the market faster. Without his creative trade program, who knows how much longer it would have been on the market.

Garth and Marian Snyder

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