Tom and Nancy Wengenack

“Your team was great. Deb Elias was awesome.  Abbe in closing was very helpful. Marketing was as promised.  We took a bit of a beating on the sale price of the house but that was largely due to current market conditions and no fault of yours. One suggestion that would help ease the pain of sellers who are forced to drastically reduce the price of their home would be for you to express a little sympathy so they think you can relate to their pain.  I realize that you deal in volume and each individual transaction is only a small part of your overall business but a $10,000-$20,000 price reduction is $10,000-$20,000 directly out of the buyers pocket even though it’s only $700-$1400 out of your commission. Your team may generate $3 million in sales each month but it’s the only house I’m selling for a few years so it’s a big deal to me.  The buyer has a bruised ego during this time and a little expression of understanding by the agent might help ease the sting a bit.  We received lots of positive showing comments from Renate but only negative feedback from Shawn which we felt was designed to elicit a price reduction.  Mixing positive feedback with negative comments would be create the best experience possible during a bad market situation.  Thanks for listening.”

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