Tammy Wilde

“You and your team were excellent to work with! My questions were always responded to immediately and professionally. I thought the process went very smoothly. I was impressed with your knowledge of the market, your evaluation methods, and the flexibility … Read more >

David and Vicky Cummings

“The service was excellent – Shawn and his staff communicated every step of the way! Guidance and suggestions made each encounter less stressful for us as buyers as well. The team’s knowledge and experience helped us keep everything in perspective, … Read more >

Amanda Peterson

“I would say your service was excellent – from assisting me with finding the right home loan provider to being very responsive to questions, and always answering my questions with patience. I appreciated the quick responses to questions or concerns, … Read more >

Amit and Shushma Dave

“Due to my travels, I needed someone that I could trust and that is exactly what I got. Giving the right advice and guidance at the right time was invaluable. You were very responsive and helpful to guide us through … Read more >

Jeff and Barb Lemke

“We feel very fortunate that we met with and ultimately hired you. We were very close to hiring a different agent. Going into our first meeting we felt meeting with you was just a formality. Your presentation and willingness to … Read more >

Bob and Penny Donner

“We would rate your service as excellent! There was nothing that we are aware of that could have been done differently to make the process go more smoothly. We were a little apprehensive until the final day of the signing … Read more >

Kiana and Jason Mehring

“The service was excellent! Shawn was very thorough. We were able to get the amount we wanted out of the property and it sold by the weekend. The team stayed in touch with us throughout the process. They even fed … Read more >

Juan Heredia

“I would rate your service as excellent. Given the circumstances, there was nothing you could have done differently to make the process go more smoothly. I would definitively recommend your services to family and friends – it was professional, courteous, … Read more >

Yan Bi and Baoan Ji

“Shawn demonstrates the highest level of professionalism during the transaction. He is very professional and knowledgeable, the service was excellent! I will highly recommend Shawn and his team to my friends and family. He made the difficult process easier for … Read more >

Bart Hawkinson

“The service you provided was excellent. There was nothing that could have made the process go more smoothly – your team is very thorough and professional. I will be recommending your services to family and friends!”… Read more >