Government Shutdown

Regarding the government shut down, a few things to know as it relates to the mortgage world.

  1.  VA is operating as normal and is not affected
  2. FHA is operating a skeleton staff as long as the shutdown is brief
    1. We will be able to order FHA case numbers and appraisals
    2. We will be able to order CAVIR numbers
    3. There will be no condo’s recertification during the shut down
    4. USDA/RD (Rural Development) – is shut down, no RD loans will be guaranteed during the shut down
    5. IRS 4506 – requesting of tax transcripts is shut down.  This will affect all loans, Conventional, FHA, VA and RD loans.  On every loan we request the last 2 years tax transcripts from the IRS.  This could delay processing on loans until this is back up and running.


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