Moving with Kids Made Easier – part 3

This is the third in a series of posts about handling the challenges of moving your family – from the initial decision through moving into your new home.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, getting your children involved can make the transition easier.

 Timing Your Move

Obviously the market plays a huge role in determining the timing of any home sale and consequently the actual move.  But it is important for parents to consider that moving after school gets out for the summer doesn’t have to be a given, especially with younger children.  This can afford more flexibility with respect to closing dates and, possibly, more potential for a sale.

Many parents decide that they will move in the summer so their children can finish out one school year at the old place and start fresh in the new.  This works wonderfully for some families, but it may result in one parent starting a new job while the other one stays behind with the children, potentially adding stress for everyone.  If you have the flexibility, consider asking your older children what they prefer.

Benefits of moving before the school year ends include your child being the center of attention both when they leave their old school and when they arrive at the new one.  For some children, this is a wonderful bonus for what they have to give up.  They are more likely to receive extra assistance learning their way around the new school than if they start in the fall when everyone else is adjusting to a new class too.  During the summer, they will already know at least a few children to play with.  And when school starts in the fall they will have some familiar faces as they, and the others, learn their way around a new grade.

Finding a New Home

The ultimate home buying decision belongs to the parents, but there’s no reason why children can’t have some input.  Brainstorm with your children about desirable features in the new house.  Acknowledge that you can’t get everything for everybody, but that you’ll focus on what’s best for the family.  The internet makes it so easy to share lots of information about possible houses and the new community.  If it’s an option, include your children with you in the house hunting.  They’ll feel part of the process and may even have some useful insight.  The more they know about their new home, the easier the transition can be.

Once you have an accepted purchase agreement, print out some pictures of the new house that they can share with their friends. If you can, take your children to see the new house so they can begin planning for their new space.

Involving your children in the moving process every step of the way can help them feel more confident about the move and bring your family even closer together.

Shawn Buryska, Coldwell Banker Realty, Licensed in the state of Minnesota

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