Seasonal Staging – Setting Your House Apart at the Holidays

As we head through the holidays, home buyers, like everyone else, find themselves with less time and more obligations.  The resulting slowdown in market activity means once again that the buyers have the upper hand.  However, the time of year also means that those buyers who are actively looking for a home are more serious about making a purchase.  Therefore, the savvy home seller knows just how important it is to stage their home to make an outstanding impression.

Traditional wisdom says that a well-staged home is features neutral décor, without family photos or personal effects and toning down any unique style.  The idea is to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to envision themselves living there – in their own home, not yours.

The holidays can be particularly challenging for those trying to sell their homes. Maintaining a totally neutral décor is a difficult choice to make. On the other hand, tasteful seasonal decorations can make your home even more welcoming and inviting.  The challenge is in deciding where the line lies between looking homey and looking lived in. Use moderation and be selective. Avoid clutter and over-personalization. Ask friends to help you make seasonally appropriate neutral choices.  The end result should be a warm, inviting effect.

While not everyone shares the same taste – or observes the same holidays – small festive touches can help your home stand out from the competition at this time of year.  With a few simple, tasteful decorations your home can look like a model home that’s move-in ready.

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