Shawn Buryska appointed President-Elect to the MLS Board of Directors

Shawn Buryska has been appointed President-Elect to the MLS Board of Directors of the Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtors (SEMAR).  Shawn has had numerous terms on various committee’s and positions including past MLS chair, past Education chair and past President of he Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtors.  He states: ”I am looking forward to serving the association once again over the next two years as President-Elect and then President of the MLS Board of Directors.  It’s an exciting time with the association and the progress we are making on the statewide Common Data Utility (CDU).  The CDU is a statewide central data depository of MLS data for all participating associations to share. It will greatly help agents and consumers across the state in obtaining comprehensive and accurate MLS information and will eliminate the duplication of entry into multiple MLS’s.” This along with many other projects with the Multiple Listing Service will keep Shawn busy and in the loop for some time to come in regards to the Multiple Listing System.

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