Rochester MN Real Estate Market Is In Full Swing

The Rochester Minnesota Real Estate market seems to have built a full head of steam going to April.  Sales are robust and there have even been several reports of multiple offers on some well price properties.  The Mayo Clinic match market is also well under way with medical students eager to graduate and start their residencies with the Mayo Clinic at the end of June.  These new residents have been coming to town every weekend since late March and will continue to do so for the next couple months seeking homes.  The good news is there is plenty of inventory and it’s still very much a buyer’s market for those seeking a good deal.

Inventory numbers are fairly steady compared to this time last year, and sales are down ever so slightly. Those lost sales may be made up when the April numbers are posted as the weather this past winter has had a lot to do with the real estate market getting a little slower start this year in Southeastern Minnesota. All looks well for the real estate market going into mid spring and early summer!

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