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The Federal Reserve System now has a set of dynamic maps and data online that illustrate sub prime and alt-A mortgage loan conditions across the United States. The maps display regional variation in the condition of securitized, owner-occupied sub prime, and alt-A mortgage loans. The more intense the color, the bigger the problem or potential problem. Monthly updates are planned. The maps and data can be used to assist in the identification of existing and potential foreclosure hotspots, the Fed says. (Click on the link below to see the maps. Be advised that the site loads slowly, apparently affected by demand.)

The maps show the following information for sub prime and alt-A loans for each state and most of the counties and zip codes in the United States:

• Loans per 1,000 housing units

• Loans in foreclosure per 1,000 housing units

• Loans real estate owned (REO) per 1,000 housing units

• Share of loans that are adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)

• Share of loans for which payments are current

• Share of loans that are 90-plus days delinquent

• Share of loans in foreclosure

• Median combined loan-to-value ratio (LTV) at origination

• Share of loans with low credit score (FICO) and high LTV at origination

• Share of loans with low- or no documentation

• Share of ARMs with initial reset in the next 12 months

• Share of loans with a late payment in the past 12 months

The maps are maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

To access the data visit:

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