Rochester MN Residential Real Estate Conditions (March 24-30, 2008)

There were 1231 homes for sale last week in Rochester Minnesota, with an average list price of $231,205 and an average of 157 days on the market.  This includes 85 new listings (average list price of $198,308) and 17 listings coming back on the market (average list price of $211,494 and 249 days on the market). 

Last week 58 listings went to pending (under contract); average list price was $206,284 and average of 125 days on the market.  Thirty-four homes sold, with selling price 90.74% of the list price ($221,196 and $243,775 respectively).

 There are currently 1200 homes for sale.  The average list price for these properties is $233,284; average market time is 158 days.

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